Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Durio zibethinus 榴槤飘飘

durian, 榴槤飘飘, 留连果, doerian, durion, Zibetbaum, δούριον το ζιβεθινόν, ドラ息子, ドリアン, ทุเรียน, durián gyümölcse

fruits season is around the corner ( in some places ), if you were to have your own farm with a fruit trees flowering what would you feel...? wow...! for 榴槤飘飘 durian's (durio zibethinus) lovers, you'll start thinking that you could get the fallen ripe durians from the tree and enjoy it...getting your family and friends together would be much enjoyable...

they are now in the flowering stage and soon it will be time for them to ripe and fall.

as well as dookoo (lansium domesticum)

and so does the mangosteen (garsinia mangostana).
experience the feeling of having to enjoy your own dookoo and mangosteen on its trees (like squirrel)...it would taste much much better...! i can't wait...!

but this is a sort of wild fruit and i do not know what's its name....i have to ask che'gu....