Thursday, March 5, 2009


Idioms related to weather:
*a fair-weather friend-sick-John is a fair-weather friend. He was nice to me when I had a good job and a lot of money, but ever since I lost my job, he has stopped seeing me.
*under the weather-something really easy for a person to do-I've been feeling under the weather lately and have lost my appetite.
*snowed under-very busy-I can't go to the party on Saturday because I'm snowed under with work.
*a breeze-to be prepared for possible problems in the future, usually by saving money-she has musical talent so learning to play the piano is a breeze for her.
*to save something for a rainy day-talking a lot but never doing what one says-He is a very cautious person. Every month he saves half of his salary for a rainy day.
*full of hot air-someone who doesn't help when a friend is in trouble-That politician is full of hot air. He makes a lot of promises but never keeps them.