Thursday, February 26, 2009

KT2001 - back row from left: yus, forgot, cc, forgot, high commissioner, wa, pakungku, tapo, tupr, jep, ceo....front row from left: wak, abah, da,amn....these are the main characters that were caught on my mind while i was there, many more actually...for those who are not're also close to my mind...forever

KOPITIAM TIME - together with our regular members, having a couple of roasted buttered bread and a half-boiled eggs, having discussion about daily jobs and how to solve problems that existed, talking about ungku's golf lessons, tapo's fishing experience, the current price of "tua hey" and "udang galah" added by tok's experience as well...over cups of kawkaw coffee "taik idong".....

THE "C" GULF - over night at a fishing village, having a bbq of fishes and prawns together with pakungku, tapo and tok. Tok didn't bring anything only a small towel!